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2438 West Shore Rd.
Warwick, RI 02889


Our Jumpers

While the standers are traditionally bigger and more ornate, the jumpers are fun to ride!  The mechanics of the turning carousel causes these figures to move up and down.  Our mechanism is made up of 18 sections. Nine of these sections have two jumpers each.  The following galleries showcase our jumping pairs.


Zeus and Maeve are inspired by mythological characters from Ireland and Ancient Greece. Zeus named after the god of sky and thunder is a "dapple" colored horse with Greek patterns on the blanket and a lightening bolt often depicted with the namesake deity. Zeus is sponsored by Bob and Marie Petrarca.  Maeve is named after a legendary Irish Queen. This Gaelic name means "she who intoxicates".


Nancy Louise and Unity are sponsored by family members of siblings, Nancy Louise Worrell and Richard Henrikson.

Unity, sponsored in the name of Richard Henrikson,  is our patriotic horse sporting paper chain children and a "red, white and blue" paint motif. Designed and named by a team of volunteers from the First Congregational Church of Warwick, Unity's color scheme was chosen right after 9/11/2001.  

Nancy Louise was sponsored in the name of Nancy Worrell.  Nancy and Richard grew on Ottawa Avenue in Oakland Beach, spending many summer days together harvesting clams for chowder suppers.  Any extras were sold around the neighborhood,  the earnings were saved for school clothes.  Nancy has always loved and cared for children and her family wanted a whimsical horse design.  Our beach themed design brings a day at the beach to life. 


As a tribute to the Eastern Woodland tribes native to our area, our "Indian Ponies" are named Thunder and Lightning in Eastern Woodland dialect. Part of the Oakland Beach area was previously known as "Horse Neck".  Being a peninsula, early settlers and farmers let their horses and livestock roam free, fencing in only the upper regions.  


Springer and Cody are our American West inspired horses.  Cody is named for the famous "Buffalo Bill Cody".  Our Cody is patterned after the Pony Express horses and is geared to safely carry the US mail across the western plains.  The mail was carried in what was called a "mochila" draped across the saddle. Cody also carries a Colt Navy pistol, which was used by some of the riders because they were light and speed was the most important thing to the Pony Express rider. 

Springer is every cowboy's friend, prepared for long days on the range with his bed roll and Henry rifle.


Our English hunting horse is Oreo, sponsored by volunteer carver, Priscilla Ingram.  Oreo has an English saddle, roached mane and a hitchhiking fox. Carousels of old often had "dead" animals draped behind the saddle. Our little fox is alive, well and just along for the ride. Oreo was named after Priscilla's beloved retired greyhound. The brindle and white coloring is similar to it's namesake. 

Schooner arrives after the hunt, bringing a keg of our OB Ale and carrying a schooner with a schooner to quench your thirst. He is the color of a good "black and tan" with a water colored blanket and barley leaves and hop flowers on his trappings.

Capt'n Bill henry, Frigate & pearl

Arrrrrrgh!  Meets our pirate horses!   Capt'n has all the tools of his trade, including his sidekick parrot.  Being that a parrot is a bird with a good eye and the ability to easily get to the highest vantage point on board, the parrot was made the pirate ship's lookout. The bane of typical small, fast pirate ships was the also fast, but larger and more powerful warship, known as a frigate. The parrot needed to know two important things, what to lookout for and his own name. So he was taught one word above all and that's how he got his name, "Frigate"!

The beautiful Pearl is Capt'n's  girlfriend, who is in charge of all the pirate's plunder. She carries the treasure chest overflowing with doubloons, pearls and other precious gems. 

Triton & rhode

Triton and Rhode are mythological Greek creatures called Hippocampus, part horse and part sea creature.  Ours are named after two of the children of the Greek god, Poseidon,  Triton, his son, and Rhode, his daughter.  The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is located partly in Narragansett Bay and was also known at one time as Aquidneck Island. Rhode Island acquired it's name in 1644 because Aquidneck Island was said to resemble the Isle of Rhodes, off the coast of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea.  Many believe that is was truly New Shoreham - commonly called Block Island - that was the island being likened.

hope and despair

 Our Sea Dragons named after two of our islands in Narragansett Bay.  Out on the bay, Hope is  easy to see but Despair must be carefully watched for.  The same is true of our dragons.  We'll leave it to the rider to decide which fearsome dragon is Hope and which is Despair. Can they ever be sure?...

Patience & prudence

 Our third pair of "sea creatures" the mermaids, are named after two of the Bay's best known islands, named by founder, Roger Williams.  A colonial children's rhyme still repeated today to teach the names of the islands in upper Narragansett Bay:  Patience, Prudence, Hope and Despair, and little Hog Island right over there ...