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2438 West Shore Rd.
Warwick, RI 02889


The Chariot Teams

Many carousels have seating areas for folks who do not wish to climb up on a horse.  Often these take the form of chariots that are being "pulled" by a team of jumpers.  The three chariots on our carousel will honor the sea, featuring characters from ocean related myths and legends. 

Poseidon's Chariot 

Our first chariot belongs to Poseidon.  Poseidon is one of the twelve Olympian diaties of the Pantheon in Greek mythology. He is called the "God of the Sea" and has also been called the "tamer of horses".    His chariot was said to be pulled Hippocampuses. Our Hippocampuses, Triton and Rhode, are named after two of Poseidon's children.  Below they are standing on the beach in preparation for Sea Wall Splash, a New Year's day plunge into the bay.

Please return soon to see Poseidon's Chariot.

Chariot of the Universe

A Native American legend that we can't recall at the moment has the earth being supported by sea serpents.  

The Mermaid Chariot

Another myth tells the story of the Dutch sea god Brandaris who is said to be calmer when surrounded by beautiful things. He is often depicted with mermaids for this reason.